About Shamrock


First and foremost, we are recruiters and agents. We do not consider ourselves ‘salesmen’, and don’t consider Shamrock Recruiting a ‘staffing agency’. There are far too many of those.

The priority at Shamrock Recruiting is not short term. It is not a quick placement or “sale”. In contrast, the goal is the development of a mutually beneficial, long term relationship with our clients and candidates. Both benefit from the fact that we have built Shamrock Recruiting from the ground up, organically and with a vision of what a premier recruiting firm should offer.

We pride ourselves on the ability to source top tier, hard to find professionals. We represent our candidates honestly and aggressively, and many have become clients and long term associates. Most of our clients view Shamrock as their primary recruiting resource.

When you enter into an agreement with Shamrock Recruiting, our names and reputations are on the line. Ethics and integrity are not a matter of circumstance or convenience. Our word counts for something.


I chose ‘Shamrock’ as a nod to my father, Chris Eustace. He emigrated from Ireland and spent 35 years working for a Brooklyn based utility. He worked long hours in a largely thankless job. His priority was to provide for his wife and five children. Dad didn’t say much, but it was always very clear where he stood. Through his example I learned the importance of family, hard work without complaint, and strength of character.

Growing up, whenever I would start a new job or embark on a project to earn some income – whether it be landscaping, house painting, flooring or eventually, recruiting – my father would urge me to ‘Hang a shingle and call it Shamrock.’ Circumstances prevented him from starting his own business. I decided to use the name he undoubtedly would have chosen.